Clinical Outcomes

There was a time in orthopaedics in which anesthesia was not there and patients were treated by bonesetter’s Healing of the bone was by body's own mechanism or natural healing : eventually there were improvement in pain management and new ways of surgical fixation of the bones was made , the Golden era of plaster application and setting up of bones by bonesetter’s was an era where there was minimal pain management and there was minimal anaesthesia equipment people used to get their fractures united by simple splint so we at ishwar orthopaedic and joint replacement hospital we have again opened the books of the Golden era of splinting of the fracture and uniting of the bone by natural bodies mechanism and we have achieved a lot of success in the last seven months we have treated patients in which the first treatment option is surgery in most of the textbooks we have opened up the old textbooks and have treated those patients non surgically with splints and those patients have got their fractures united and are back to work the clinical outcome of our orthopaedic centre is we only operate when we don't have any other option but we try to get the help from Mother Nature and treat fractures by less surgical method and more of natural methods


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